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Desmo Grip

Battlax BT-56

120/60 R17 55W 0

160/60 R17 69W 0

Designed by CTDM, this tyre incorporates the MS Belt. Developed exclusively for big bikes, the BT-56 is a high-grip sport radial for sporty riding on streets.

MS-Belt (rear tyre)

A high-grip DAC compound offers high-level grip performance in dry weather, good initial grip and respectable grip at low temperatures.

Optimum tyre cross-section shaped by CTDM offers solid braking performance and good cornering stability, as well as superb shock absorption.

Optimum balance
The construction, shape and compound of the front and rear tyres have been balanced in an optimum way to allow delicate and exact handling of the bike on a circuit, such as leans at extreme angles, quick turns, easy-line tracing, and smooth shifts from rise to turn-backs. * Designed by CTDM (advanced automatic design technique).

C.T.D.M. is a method of tyre designing developed by Bridgestone. The core of C.T.D.M. is a program run through Bridgestone' super computer that automatically optimizes tyre design to achieve the required performance condition. Within the C.T.D.M. program, the tyre continues to evolve continuously within the super computer. In other words, the super computer repeats numerous mathematical simulations of tyre design until it finds the optimum tyre.
Using C.T.D.M., Bridgestone designes the Battlax BT-56-BT57-BT56SSradials to have an optimum profile (shape) that gives maximum lateral stiffness and contact patch. This improvement enable us to provide a more rigid and strong carcass to the tyre which gives a lighter and linear handling with strong cornering characteristics.

The rear tyres of the Battlax radial range contain a mono-spiral belt to secure riding comfort and to improve the overall performance of tyre. MSB construction means that a continuous single strand of aramid is wrapped around the circonference of the tyre.
This one-piece construction eliminates overlapping of belts, seams, and joints. A MSB tyre is lighter than conventional multi cross belt construction, has more stability since it minimizes heat generation inside the tyre, and gives high shock aborption.
In the new Battlax range, CTDM maximizes the horizontal stiffness, and MSB secures vertical cushion.

Dual Aligned Compound (D.A.C.)
With the new technology called D.A.C., Bridgestone can control the alignment of molecules in a single sheet of rubber. Now, one tread rubber can have different characteristics.
The center area of tread rubber has strong wear resistance against acceleration and braking while the shoulder area gives strong cornering performance. The new Battlax radials are the first Bridgestone motorcyle tyres with D.A.C. technology. The fact that D.A.C. uses only one tread rubber, guarantees constant performance throughout tyre life.

Fonte: Bridgestone Europe

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